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TAKTL Concrete Cladding with Knight Wall Systems

TAKTL® is an advanced Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) that is over four times as strong as traditional precast concrete and performs exceptionally well in demanding conditions. The key to TAKTL’s strength is the carefully calibrated ratio of engineered ingredients and a mixing sequence that tightly packs molecules together and creates very strong bonds. This high packing density yields excellent flexural and compressive strength and virtually eliminates the capillary pores that cause freeze-thaw degradation in pre- cast concrete and GFRC panels.

TAKTL panels are reinforced with Alkali Resistant (AR) Glass Fiber and two layers of AR Glass Fiber Mesh. Panels are cast utilizing a proprietary, automated production process into molds that yield an intrinsic pattern and finish. Additionally, special surface effects can be created with aggregates and/or a variety of media-blasting techniques in an automated, enclosed blasting booth. TAKTL is the first company to fully integrate UHPC formulation, design, mold making, and automated manufacturing.

A great image of TAKTL and Knight Wall Systems working in concert is this modern installation, Swarthmore College’s Matchbox Wellness + Fitness Center.

More images of this striking installation can be found on TAKTL’s website, click here.

To download TAKTL’s Technical Summary + Certified Test Results, click here.

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