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Knight Wall Systems rolls out second-generation rainscreen system that exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 using mineral fiber insulation

Deer Park, WA – Knight Wall Systems today announced the introduction of MFI-System™, a second-generation versatile rain screen attachment system for use with mineral fiber insulation that dramatically reduces thermal bridging and easily exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 Prescriptive Requirements, according to company president Doug Knight.

“We’ve developed a cost effective rainscreen attachment system that can be used with mineral fiber while providing close to the same energy-efficiency of a true continuous insulation rainscreen,” Knight said. “A project can easily achieve energy code-compliance along with façade versatility, moisture-control and sustainability.”

ASHRAE’s Prescriptive Requirement for steel-frame walls is an effective R-value of 15.6 ft2 (U-Factor 0.064) – ºF – hr/btu (in climate zones 4-8). Knight’s new MFI-System delivers an effective R-15.8 ft2 – ºF – hr/btu with 3.5″ of exterior mineral fiber, and R-17.3 ft2 – ºF – hr/btu with 4″.

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