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Blast Testing

The Dow®-Knight CI-System rain-screen system has passed shock-tube blast testing—also referred to as over-pressure testing— a crucial government-mandated criteria for building envelope products specified for military facilities, hospitals and other federal buildings.

Shock-tube testing involves 1.5 lbs of C-4 explosive set off in a tube 60 feet away from the outside of a wall. It tests to see if any parts of the cladding or debris are blown through the wall, compromising occupant safety.

We tested our CI-System with two core cladding products – terra cotta and metal. They have passed, meeting the most stringent criteria for blast testing using a shock tube.

Shock-tube blast testing is mandated for government buildings and hospitals as an anti-terrorist measure. It’s not commonplace for a rainscreen system to be tested, but it’s actually one of the most important parts of the building envelope, especially in relation to occupant safety and flying debris.


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