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ThermaStop Thermal Isolation Technology

ThermaStop™: A Revolution in Thermal Isolation for Rainscreens.


Introducing ThermaStop™ (patent pending), our thermal isolation systems used on the MFI® System and CI® System rainscreen attachment assemblies.

When it comes to the modern day building envelope, the goal is to increase how well, or effective, the added exterior insulation performs. The manner in which exterior insulation has been typically added to wall assemblies decreases the valuable insulations thermal performance by as much as 50%. 3D thermal models indicate that the use of ThermaStop in rainscreen construction delivers increased insulation effectiveness, on an average of 87-98 percent, far above that of conventional aluminum-brackets and continuous furring strips. And the more insulation that’s used, the isolator does not allow for additional loss in effectiveness percentage as has been the case in past typical assemblies.

The MFI System is a four-piece system constructed of Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium coated steel brackets (not Galvanized) with a highly durable polyoxymethylene plastic base and integral 1/8-inch plastic washer. ThermaStop reduces the contact between the wall and the rainscreen bracket, with only a ribbed area of the isolator’s base touching the wall substrate, significantly reducing thermal bridging at that point of contact, a particular area of the building envelope that can potentially contribute to heat loss and gain. An 1/8-inch plastic cap isolates the stem of the wall bracket from the rail as well to further decrease any thermal transfer from the bracket to the rail. There is no metal-on-metal contact, which is the key to its effectiveness. All metal fasteners are isolated and heat transfer is significantly reduced. Most importantly no assembly is required, the brackets arrive on site with the entire ThermaStop assembly attached.

In short, Knight’s ThermaStop takes up a smaller footprint than the more common aluminum rainscreen wall brackets, Knight’s rainscreen brackets have less cross sectional area of metal penetrating the insulation, there is no metal-on-metal contact and steel does not conduct heat nearly as well as aluminum, all lending to the rainscreen’s increased thermal performance.

With the CI System rainscreen attachment, the isolator is used to isolate the fastener from the girt placed on the exterior side of the exterior rigid board insulation. Being that the fasteners are the only item penetrating the insulation, isolating these help reduce their thermal transfer to the exterior CI-Girt®, therefore increasing the thermal performance of the entire wall assembly.


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