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Using Composites/Phenolics with Knight Wall Systems

Knight’s versatile systems work with a variety of composite and phenolic panel cladding options, including various phenolic materials, glass fiber reinforced concrete panels and cutting-edge European laminates. Face fastened or concealed fastened panels may be attached to Knight’s systems.

Panel attachment is accomplished and detailed just as the panels would typically be installed with Z-girts and hat channels, however without the thermal shorts in the exterior insulation, the hassle of engineering a durable & sufficient attachment method and costly installation labor of trimming the insulation around girt’s and bulky thick clips.


How to use a Knight attachment system with a composite or phenolic panel:

  • Over CI-Girt vertical framing + horizontal PanelRail
  • Over HCI-Girt horizontal framing + vertical PanelRail
  • Over MFI-System in a vertical orientation + horizontal PanelRail
  • Over MFI-System in a horizontal orientation + vertical PanelRail
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