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Direct Applied Finish Systems & Stucco with Knight Wall Systems

Direct Applied Finish System

Acrylic stucco finish delivers textures and patterns in a variety of attractive looks and—mixed with added colored pigments—never needs to be painted. The Parex NuTech™ ACF is one such exterior coating system for application to cement board wall coverings and soffits.

The NuTech ACF (Knight’s basis of design) has four components all applied onsite directly to PermaBase® cement board that is attached directly to Knights system to create an air cavity for real moisture management and high energy efficiency.

Typically direct applied finish systems only require the use of vertical framing unless depth or out-of-plane alignment with other cladding is desired. The cement board simply screw fastens to the vertical (or optionally horizontal) members much like sheathing.

Direct Applied Finish Systems with Knight Wall’s Attachment Systems:

  • Faster overall construction schedule due to very short cycle times versus conventional stucco. An average of 4 day cycles from start to finish on staged installs versus an upwards of 20+ day cycles for conventional stucco on staged installs.
    • Day 1: Install Knight’s system
    • Day 2: Install Cement Board with mesh & base coat at joints
    • Day 3: Base Coat with Fiberglass mesh
    • ~24 hours later: Finish coat
  • Knight’s systems will help eliminate “ghosting” or “telegraphing” often seen on traditional stucco finishes due to the limited amount of thermal bridging compared to typical framing/furring members.
  • Vented rain screen cavity to help resist mold and prevent water ingress
  • Cement board creates an extremely durable cladding surface
  • Limited amount of vertical and horizontal expansion joints required versus traditional stucco and EFIS due to the pliability of materials.
  • Better resistance to higher wind loading versus EFIS while still maintaining the thermal advantages offered by EFIS due to the potential use of up to 6” of exterior insulation.
  • Seamlessly transitions to other cladding options mounted to Knight Wall Systems rain screen attachments (i.e. metal panels, etc.) See website for guideline details.


3-Coat Stucco with Knight Wall Systems

3/4″-7/8″ thick 3-coat stucco systems have been successfully installed with Knight’s attachment system. Typically 3-coat stucco systems are achieved by use of a paper-backed lath screw attached to one of our vertical framing members. Alternatively the 3-coat stucco could use a thin cement board (i.e. PermaBase®, etc.) as backing, though it is not needed.