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Using Composites/HPL with Knight Wall Systems

Knight’s versatile systems work with a variety of composite and phenolic panel cladding options, including various phenolic materials, glass fiber reinforced concrete panels and cutting-edge European laminates. Face fastened or concealed fastened panels may be attached to Knight’s systems.

Panel attachment is accomplished and detailed just as the panels would typically be installed with Z-girts and hat channels, however without the thermal shorts in the exterior insulation, the hassle of engineering a durable & sufficient attachment method and costly installation labor of trimming the insulation around girt’s and bulky thick clips.

How to use a Knight attachment system with a composite or HPL panel:

  • Face Fastened Panel Systems: Typically installed over horizontal framing + Vertical PanelRail. Vertical PanelRail layout/spacing mirrors panel fastening pattern.
  • Concealed Fastener Panel Systems: Typically installed with vertical framing and used with horizontal concealed fastening system rails by others.

All guidance provided above assumes typical installation applications in which KWS has observed to be the most common methods. Every project is different and may require an atypical approach.

Popular Brands of Composite / Phenolic Panels Include:

  • Trespa®
  • Prodema®
  • Stonewood™
  • Abet Laminati
  • Parklex™
  • Geolam®
  • Fundermax™
The above list of products and manufactures are not the only compatible products, others do exist. Certain products within ones complete product line may not be compatible. Please check with the cladding or panel manufactures for any special requirements. Please contact Knight Wall for further information or questions. All trademarks listed above whether registered, or not, are not the property, nor should it be assumed to be the property, of Knight Wall Systems, inc. Only the Trademarks listed below are the property or under the control of Knight Wall Systems, inc.
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