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KWS™ PanelRail® & RevealRail™

Perforated cladding attachment rails means better drainage and ventilation for the façade. 

A rail designed with performance, durability and the installer in mind.

KNIGHT WALL SYSTEMS™ PanelRail® & RevealRail are typically used as a second layer of rails atop the CI® system, HCI system, MFI® system or other types of assemblies to help accommodate different panel layouts, sizes or add depth.

The PanelRail or RevealRail may also be used in assemblies not requiring exterior insulation. In these simple assemblies the PanelRail or RevealRail can be installed directly over the substrate (steel studs with gypsum sheathing, wood studs with sheathing, CMU, structural sheathing, etc) and allow for increased ventilation behind the cladding while still allowing drainage.

Where a typical furring channel would require a hole drilled in the field for the wall anchor, pre-punched holes on the PanelRail for the wall anchors make installation simple over CMU, concrete, wood studs and structural sheathing – saving time and cutting labor costs.

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Advantages to KWS™ PanelRail® & RevealRail

  • Rails may be attached to substrate or other rails in a vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Standard depth of 3/4″ with face dimensions of 2″, 3″, 4″ or 5″
  • Wood or concrete substrate? No problem with pre-punched wall anchor slots
  • Regular perforation pattern means water won’t accumulate and air is free to move
  • Available with a coil coated, BLACK, PVDF finish (18-gauge)
  • Available in 18-gauge and 16-gauge
  • High corrosive-resistant Zn-Al-Mg ZM40 coating for a long service life vs. typical G90 Galvanized steel
  • Project specific engineering available
  • Limited 10-year warranty available
  • Attach nearly any cladding with easy and efficient installation and detailing
  • Wall anchors can be supplied


  • DEPTH: 0.75″ or custom depths available
  • RAIL WIDTH: 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″ or custom
  • FINISH: Mill or Black
  • GAUGE: 18-GA or 16-GA – both 50 ksi
  • LENGTH: 120″ Standard or custom lengths available

*Spacing of components varies by project based on project specific conditions. Maximum allowable spacing and dead load (weight of cladding) is based on the total load (dead + live) acting on the assembly and connections. Depending on the system, insulation thickness will influence the systems capacities.

Wall anchors must be specified and supplied by KWS for an extended written limited warranty. KWS will specify the exact anchor type, embedment depth and spacing for anchors in project specific engineering packages. ThermaStop thermal isolation washers must be used on all types of wall anchors with the HCI or CI System, regardless of the substrate.

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