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Knight ThermaZee® Cladding Attachment

Something familiar…reinvented.

Simple, thermally isolated Z-furring: exceeds code


The Knight ThermaZee® gives installers and designers the simplicity of what they know: Z-furring; with what they need: code compliant thermal performance. With reduced thermal bridging that rivals modern thermally isolated clip and rail systems, the thermally improved ThermaZee dramatically increases the rainscreen wall assembly’s performance.

The ThermaZee employs a specially designed, hollow, thermal isolation strip complimenting other performance enhancements at the web of the girt. The webs unique punch pattern has a substantial reduction in metal penetrating the insulation – about 75% – which decreases heat-flow through the girt. Additionally, the girt’s notched bends and flared punches add extra strength.

Like traditional Z-furring, the ThermaZee can be installed either vertically or horizontally, attached to a variety of substrates such as steel studs, wood studs, CMU and concrete. Also, like traditional furring, a variety of claddings can be attached directly or with secondary rails. These include fiber cement, metal panels, HPL panels or aluminum composite material (ACM), among others.

ThermaZee can be specified and purchased as a standalone girt, with or without thermally isolated wall anchors by Knight. Additionally, Knight can provide project-specific engineering if requested.



• Typical installation – installs just like traditional Z-furring

• Highly perforated for increased drainage

• Wall anchors can be supplied by KWS or others*

• ThermaZee can be spaced up to 48” O.C. when used horizontally, or up to a 32” O.C. (every other stud) when used vertically*

• No trimming of mineral wool insulation required for a snug fit

• Pre-punched wall anchor holes for easy installation – especially over wood and CMU/concrete substrates

• Highly corrosive-resistant Zn-Al-Mg ZM40 (ASTM A1046) coated steel for long service life vs. typical G90 galvanized steel

• Black PVDF finish and stainless-steel options are available

• Delivered with preassembled thermal isolation strip – ready to install

• Easily installed over many substrates – steel studs, wood studs, CMU, concrete

• Engineering calculations can be provided per project for design load compliance (optional)

• Can be supplied as a full attachment solution – thermally isolated furring, fasteners, secondary rails and engineering (optional)

• Limited extended labor and material warranty available (optional)



AVAILABLE DEPTHS: 1 ½ in · 2 in · 2 ½ in · 3 in · 3 ½ in · 4 in · 4 ½ in



AVAILABLE LENGTHS: 96 in Standard (120 in Available)


Contact KWS for more information on lead times and pricing. See system-specific guide details for further information on design, detailing and installation.

*Maximum allowable spacing and dead load (weight of cladding) is based on the total load (dead + live) acting on the assembly and connections. Engineering should verify this. Engineering and wall anchors must be supplied by KWS for a written limited extended warranty.

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