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Why Knight Wall Systems?

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All Knight rainscreen mounting systems are energy code-compliant and can even exceed the requirements of each climate zone.



Advanced designs reduce long-term energy consumption and CO2 emissions, creating savings for building operators.
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We provide rainscreen mounting solutions for nearly any cladding or building type—for both new construction and renovations. And Knight Wall Systems rainscreens can be specified with any cladding/siding product that meets the general loading requirements of each system (typically restrictions begin at 15 PSF, contact KWS for further information).
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Quick Installation

Knight rainscreens offer a fast and efficient install compared to typical wall assemblies. Isolators come attached to brackets and/or fasteners, all fasteners required for the mounting system assembly are supplied, including wall anchors*. Knight typically supplies stainless steel TEK screws.


No ‘Devil’ in the Details

Knight Wall Systems offers full support through the entire design process to ensure the best fit for your project, followed by full engineering calculations for submittal and full contractor support including first time installer walk throughs.


Warranted Systems

All of Knight’s rainscreen attachment systems offer limited warranties (10 years) that cover defective materials and system failure. IF any claim were to arise, Knight would not only replace the attachment system, but furnish the labor to remove the cladding at the affected area, fix the problematic attachment system and re-install the cladding. An unmatched and industry first warranty.
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Long Life

Knight rainscreens are highly corrosion resistant – Zn-Al-Mg coating lasts up to 10 times that of typical galvanizing. Solid stainless steel also available.


Cost Reduction

The use of fewer materials to reach code-compliant insulation levels—coupled with quick installation times—deliver cost savings, both up front and during the service life of the building envelope.


*Maximum allowable spacing and dead load (weight of cladding) is based on the total load (dead + live) acting on the assembly and connections. Wall anchors must be specified and supplied by KWS for a written limited warranty. Knight will specify the exact anchor type, embedment depth and spacing for anchors in project specific engineering packages. ThermaStop thermal isolation washers must be used on all types of wall anchors with the HCI or CI System, no matter the substrate.
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