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Knight MFI® System Rainscreen Attachment



Compare the performance:

Steel stud wall assembly with a FIBERGLASS CLIP and 4 inches of mineral fiber insulation (clips at 26″ OC):
Effective R-value = 15.7 (U-value = 0.064 – 21% R-Value loss)

Steel stud wall assembly with KNIGHT’S MFI® System and 4 inches of mineral fiber insulation (brackets at 24″ OC): Effective R-value = 17.2 (U-value = 0.058 – only 14% R-Value loss)


The Knight MFI® System dramatically reduces the thermal bridging within rainscreen systems using mineral fiber insulation, while providing limitless design options for building facades; combining energy efficiency, façade versatility, and long term sustainability.

The MFI System uses unique thermally isolated intermittent clips – called Thermabrackets™ – that can be spaced all the way up to 32” O.C. They use a unique thermal isolation assembly, called ThermaStop™, creating one of the most thermally efficient mineral fiber cladding attachment systems on the market today – typically outperforming standard metal clips and rails and even FRP brackets and rails.

The continuous rails attaching to the brackets may be oriented vertically or horizontally for maximum design versatility and quick installation. Quickly plumb facades during install with an adjustable rail/bracket connection or use KWS unique, self-aligning, structural shims. The MFI System can be used with or without secondary rails for fiber cement, metal panels, terra cotta, phenolic panels or Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) and many more.



  • Brackets can be spaced to 48″ O.C.*
  • Rails may be attached to ThermaBracket™ in a vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Exterior mineral fiber insulation fits tight around ThermaBrackets without trimming
  • Project specific engineering available
  • Limited 10-year warranty available
  • High corrosive-resistant Zn-Al-Mg ZM40 coating for a long service life vs. typical G90 Galvanized steel
  • ThermaStop™ assembly arrives onsite attached to ThermaBracket – No pre-assembly required
  • Attach nearly any cladding with easy and efficient installation and detailing
  • Wall anchors included (typically stainless steel TEK screws)
  • Minimal thermal bridging
  • Accommodates up to 6″ of outboard insulation
  • Faster installation: Built-in adjustability easily plumbs old and new walls equating to labor cost-savings
  • Pre-engineered and tested (substrate connection detailed per project)
  • Ideal for renovations
  • Extremely cost competitive compared to typical means of exterior insulation


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The MFI System has two versions: S-Series and D-Series

Both series offer the same versatility and thermal performance listed above.



  • S: Static – the S-Rail to ThermaBracket-S connection is fixed
  • S-Rail Cavity Size: 3/4″ or 1″ (+ secondary rails if needed, see typical details and specifications)
  • Adjustments for Substrate: use Knight’s supplied ThermaStop shim without sacrificing thermal performance – 1/8″ increments
  • ThermaStop shim fits square, straight and flat to the back of the ThermaStop system by means of raised lips that securely lock the shim in-place for maximum structural integrity
  • Knight’s isolator shim is included with every S-Series MFI System shipped



  • D: Dynamic – the D-Rail to ThermaBracket-D connection is adjustable
  • D-Rail Cavity Size: 1.5″ (+ secondary rails if needed, see typical details and specifications)
  • Adjustments for Substrate: rail-to-bracket connection has built in adjustability of 3/4″ for a quick, simple and precise installation
  • ThermaStop shims may also be used if further adjustment is required.


*Spacing is dictated by design wind pressure, cladding weight, deflection requirements and substrate type. Contact KWS for project specific spacing recommendations.
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