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Logan Airport – Terminal E Modernization

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We are modernizing the facilities at Boston Logan’s international Terminal E to ensure the Massachusetts economy continues to be connected to the world. Four new gates will be added, including 3 gates originally approved in 1995 but never constructed.


Our mission is to create a sustainable, high-performance, resilient, and resource efficient building that is a comfortable and healthy environment for passengers and workers alike. Terminal E sustainability improvements will be designed to serve as a noise barrier to the nearby East Boston neighborhoods and will achieve energy efficiencies at a minimum 20% better than the MA Energy Code.


Customer benefits from Terminal E improvements include:

  • Roughly 320,000-square-foot building addition and renovations to the existing building.
  • 4 new aircraft gates.
  • Comfortable passenger waiting areas at the new gates.
  • New local and internationally inspired food and retail options.
  • Dynamic glass to provide shade from sun glares.

Terminal E Sustainability Benefits

Customer benefits from Terminal E sustainability initiatives include:

  • Lowering energy and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Water conservation.
  • Additional waste management and recycling.
  • Air quality improvement.
  • More High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) option for ground transportation.
  • Improving water quality/storm water.
  • Reduced energy consumption.


Logan Airport’s Terminal E Modernization project in Boston is a good example of using these principles to gain success on a large complex terminal design project. Executed in several phases over more than a decade, the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) had the vision and determination to get the project done right while remaining flexible. For example, during preliminary design, the terminal was over the established budget. The design and construction team targeted the values for each program element, right sized each functional element and reduced the terminal square footage by nearly 40 percent — without sacrificing terminal operations or passenger experience.

Massport’s vision for Terminal E was conceived as a modern, iconic international passenger terminal with an emphasis on enhanced passenger experience and operational flexibility.

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