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Benefits of Using a Rain Screen System

Rainscreens, while common in Europe and Canada, have just now begun to emerge in the common practice of the American architecture/design community. A rainscreen system affords architects, designers and builders numerous benefits in moisture-management and energy-efficiency, including:


  • Weather-resistant barrier support mechanism keeps moisture away from the wall assembly
  • Water vapor behind cladding and insulation can escape by means of evaporation, avoiding mold
  • Helps reduce hot and cold air and thermal movement through the wall, reducing energy costs
  • Enables double-insulation, within the stud cavity and more effectively on the exterior of the wall
  • Promotes water drainage by channeling moisture to the outside of the wall assembly by means of flashing and the force of gravity
  • Air space between exterior cladding and drainage plane helps drainage and facilitates drying
  • Provides great design flexibility, works with a limitless variety of cladding options for simplified detailing and transitioning between cladding materials
  • Reduction in the buildings dead load by use of lightweight cladding options versus traditional building materials (i.e. brick veneer, etc.)