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Clintonville High School & Middle School Additions

Clintonville, WI

  • Architect: Hoffman Planning, Design & Construction Inc.
  • General Contractor: Hoffman Planning, Design & Construction Inc.
  • Installer: Omni Glass and Paint LLC
  • Panels: Metal panel and metal tile

Wisconsin’s Clintonville School District is constructing a middle school and agricultural science building at the high school and adding a fitness and weight room to the existing recreation center.

The project consists of consolidating three public school district buildings into two buildings. Design/build firm Hoffman Planning, Design & Construction accomplished this by remodeling the current middle school into an elementary school and constructing a 60,000 square-foot middle school addition next to the existing high school. There is also a 3,000 square foot weight room addition and 3,000 square foot agricultural addition adjacent to the existing high school.

Knight Wall Systems products are being used for a large majority of the new construction—MFI clips in varying depths and the ThermaZee system, both using metal tile and metal panel cladding.

“We chose Knight as a method of introducing continuous insulation into our exterior wall make-up and for the added flexibility in design,” Hoffman project architect Kurt Peeters said. “Utilizing varying depths for the metal panels gave us the look of a much thicker wall and let us set back the fenestration to decrease direct sun exposure into the classrooms. We specified clips up to 17” to achieve this look.”

Knight’s engineering team helped Hoffman identify potential detailing issues in the earlier stages of design. “In the end, this gave us the confidence to move forward with construction,” Peeters said.

The existing middle school is being converted to an elementary school.

Voters approved a $37 million bond in November 2020 to pay for the improvements The projects at the high school are scheduled to be completed by fall 2022.