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Knight Wall Systems introduces thermal-isolating wall bracket for rainscreens

Deer Park, WA – Knight Wall Systems today announced it has launched a brand-new, proprietary thermal isolation system, called ThermaStop™, for use with its self-leveling and continuous-insulation rainscreens, according to company president Doug Knight.

ThermaStop is positioned between the wall and the wall brackets of a Knight rainscreen and significantly reduces thermal bridging at that point of contact by isolating the bracket from the wall, a particular area of the building envelope that can potentially contribute to heat loss and gain.

“Our thermal models indicate that the use of ThermaStop in rainscreen construction delivers an increase of effective R-value on an average of 35-70 percent over conventional aluminum-brackets and continuous furring strips respectively,” Knight said. “And the more insulation that’s used, the better the isolator performs.”

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