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  • Knight Wall Systems Introduces New Simple Rainscreen Z-Girt That Rivals the Performance of Modern Thermally Isolated Systems

Knight Wall Systems Introduces New Simple Rainscreen Z-Girt That Rivals the Performance of Modern Thermally Isolated Systems


Deer Park, WA – Knight Wall Systems today announced the launch of ThermaZee™, a new, simple, rainscreen girt that reduces thermal bridging, with thermal performance values over 90% effective, dramatically increasing the rainscreen wall assembly performance.

ThermaZee provides specifiers and designers the simplicity of what they already know—Z-furring—with code-compliant performance and reduced thermal bridging that rivals modern thermally isolated clip and rail systems.

ThermaZee employs a specially designed, hollow, thermal isolation strip attached to its back leg. In addition to the thermal break provided by the strip, the webs unique punch pattern has a substantial reduction in metal penetrating the insulation, about 75% – which decreases heat-flow through the girt. Additionally, the girt is reinforced with notched bends and stiffening lips around the punches for extra strength.

“This all results in giving ThermaZee the thermal edge,” Knight Wall Systems president Doug Knight said. “Our rainscreens’ thermal isolation was industry-leading when we developed it, and this product will take façade performance to the next level.”

As with traditional Z-furring, ThermaZee can be installed either vertically or horizontally, attached to a variety of substrates such as steel studs, wood studs, CMU and concrete, and insulation can be easily fitted in-between. And just like traditional furring, a variety of claddings can be attached either directly or indirectly with secondary rails. These include fiber cement, metal panels, HPL panels or aluminum composite material (ACM), among others.

ThermaZee can be specified and procured as a standalone girt, with or without thermally isolated wall anchors by Knight. Additionally, Knight can provide project-specific engineering if requested. Black PVDF finish and stainless-steel options are available, and the thermal isolation strip is preassembled and delivered ready to install.

Knight Wall Systems Inc., headquartered in Deer Park, Washington, is an innovator in building envelope technology and a founding member of the Rainscreen Association in North America (RAiNA). A winner of Environmental Building News’ “Top-10 Green Building Products” awards, and a two-time recipient of Architectural Record’s Record Products designations, Knight’s patented “drop-in” rainscreen attachment and thermal isolation technologies have set new standards for building façades throughout North America.